Black & Decker Power Scissors

Black & Decker Power Scissors (Image courtesy Black & Decker)By Andrew Liszewski

One of the things I hate about modern electronics is the practice of packaging them in those molded clear plastic containers. I understand the benefits of clearly showing off the product being sold but on countless occasions I’ve ended up injuring myself trying to bust open my latest toy. And when you finally get it open and find out there’s a problem you get to take it back to the store with the packaging looking like it barely survived a grenade attack.

Scissors can help but even then with thicker plastics it becomes almost a workout trying to hack through the packaging. So the next time I see one in the store I’m going to grab a pair of these cordless power scissors from Black & Decker. It uses a 3.6V battery to easily slice through most materials including cardboard, vinyl, fabric and of course plastic packaging. It also includes a hands free accessory which mounts the scissors to a table for stationary use. Let’s just hope Black & Decker has packaged them in something other than molded plastic.

The B&D Power Scissors can be found at Amazon for $21.77.

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  1. These scissors WILL NOT open a plastic package. They WILL NOT even open the plastic package they come in. The scissors will not rip the doubled up edges of the plastic package without much difficulty.

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