Biometric Scanner Knows If Your Finger Is Alive

Futronic FS88

By Luke Anderson

So we’ve all seen those cheesy action flicks where someone needs access to a restricted area and is forced to chop off the finger of some corporate executive to do it. After all, a fingerprint reader can’t know if the finger is alive, can it? This one from Futronic can.

While they don’t go into great detail about how the technology works, they assure us that their FS88 fingerprint scanner will reject a digit that’s not attached to a living person. It also rejects popular fakes made from Play-Doh, rubber and other materials. I can’t say that I have anything so sensitive that someone would actually try cutting off my finger to get to, but it’s still pretty cool to think that it wouldn’t work. No word on pricing or availability.

[ Futronic ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

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