BioLogic ReeCharge (Image courtesy Dahon)

BioLogic ReeCharge Is Another Dynamo Powered Charging Solution For Your Bike

BioLogic ReeCharge (Image courtesy Dahon)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are many benefits to biking instead of driving a car or even taking public transit, but just because it’s a fairly low-tech mode of transportation doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your electronic amenities. The BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon is another dynamo powered charging solution for bikes that features a 1600 mAh lithium polymer battery and a single USB port allowing you to charge your cellphone or even power a GPS device.

The electronics that buffer the “incoming and outgoing current so it’s safe for all electrical devices” and the battery are all housed in a splash-proof silicon case so you don’t need to disconnect it when you get caught in the rain (your other electronics are another story) and for reference it’s able to fully charge the iPhone in about 3 hours. The BioLogic ReeCharge should be available next month for $99, but you’ll already need to have a dynamo system installed on your bike since that’s not included in the price.

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