Bing Me Up? Check Out Bing’s Interactive Star-Trek Themed Search Results

Bing Star Trek Search

Google has always known as the search engine giant, but is its stranglehold slowly slipping away? Bing is on the rise as it accounts for 25.6 percent of the search results in the US. Perhaps in a bid to further cement their popularity (and following Google’s footsteps somewhat with interactive search), Bing has unveiled interactive Star Trek-themed search results that’ll beam you up to a different galaxy on the interwebs. Or should I say, Bing you up?

Just type in “Beam me up” on’s homepage and you can see what I’m talking about for yourself.

Searching with the simple command as your query will transport you to Star Trek’s transporter room with the franchise’s iconic sound effects and visuals in the background. At the transporter you’ll find themed animations and links to trivia related to Star Trek, as well as links to other Bing pages featuring the Enterprise starship and its command bridge room.

VIA [ Dvice ]