Bikeboard Doesn’t Look Half As Fun As Biking Or Skateboarding

By Luke Anderson

Sometimes you see a new product and think, “why didn’t I think of that?” The Bikeboard is definitely not one of those products, namely because I know exactly why I haven’t thought of it. Riding a bike is fun, and people that can actually skateboard seem to think riding one is fun. However, there is nothing about either one of those activities that makes me think that doing both at the same time would be fun.

Essentially what you have here is a really lame scooter. For some reason I picture Marty McFly seeing one of these, trying to confiscate it, and then looking very confused. I can’t say I blame him, I’m still really confused as to why someone would even make this. Even more, I want to know who they think will pay $200 for one.

[ Indian Summer Company ] VIA [ Dvice ]

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