BiJE EP Earring Headphones


By David Edney

I know you ladies are tired of getting those iPod headphones stuck in your earrings when ever you try to take them off, so here’s Earmecca’s solution. They’ve created headphones that are also earrings, or vise versa depending how you look at it. The BiJE EP earphones are actually blinged with Swarovski cubic and have a white gold-plated surface. Just because it’s technology doesn’t mean you can’t have elegance and nothing says elegance like Swarovski. You can also adjust the length of the body that swivels 360-degrees to fit different sized ears. Versatile, beautiful and priceless. Well, not really priceless, cause they sell for $30 but you know what I mean. The site is in Korean so get out those dictionaries.

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