Big Daddy Driver Makes Getting Out Of The Rough A Bit Easier

By Luke Anderson

I don’t exactly do much golfing (unless you count putt-putt that is), though when I do happen to wander out on a course, I tend to find my ball in the rough. Those things are hard enough to hit when they’re sitting on perfectly trimmed grass, let alone in the thick wild parts of the course. I know that the rules say that you hit it where it lies, but I don’t recall hearing anything about altering the area around the ball.

This cool Big Daddy Driver is actually a weed whacker disguised as a golf club. This allows you to neatly trim the area around your ball, and thus have a better chance at a decent shot. It will set you back $50 and runs on six AA batteries. I just want to see the look on people’s faces both when you use it, and when they happen upon a strange patch of neatly trimmed grass.

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2 thoughts on “Big Daddy Driver Makes Getting Out Of The Rough A Bit Easier”

  1. Definitely against the rules. To “play the ball as it lies” refers to everything encompassing the ball as well. Winter rules allow you to move things such as twigs and leaves, but you can’t mow grass. Plus the course will definitely kick you out if not ban you for ruining their course.

  2. Of course it’s illegal. But if you’re going to go this far to cheat, why not just pick up your ball and drop it on the freakin’ fairway? There’s way less evidence of your douchebaggery and besides, who grabs their driver when hitting out of the rough? Bit of a giveaway.

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