Big Ben LED Wall Clock

Big Ben LED Wall Clock (Image courtesy Gadget Universe)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it bears no resemblance to the actual Big Ben clock tower by stealing the famous landmark’s name this clock effectively conveys what it’s all about. At over 3 feet long this simple but massive LED timepiece can be easily read from across any large room, venue or smaller-sized SUV. (Hummer owners may want to buy a second one for those sitting in the back seat.) The red LED lights used to power the clock are also energy efficient if you’re worried that this clock will be environmentally-unfriendly in addition to being a tremendous eyesore.

And even though the site doesn’t mention it you’ll also need to buy a massive paperclip in order to press the recessed buttons on the back needed to set the time.

The Big Ben wall clock is available from Gadget Universe for $94.95.

[ Big Ben LED Wall Clock @ Gadget Universe ]

6 thoughts on “Big Ben LED Wall Clock”

  1. While I hate to be a pedant (but I will be anyway), I should point out that “Big Ben” is in fact the name of the main bell inside the tower, not the tower itself. It’s early and I haven’t had my cup of tea yet……

    That’s a whopper of a digital clock though. 🙂

  2. Robert… I hear you, but lease understand we have nearly 4,000 articles in our archives. We can’t possibly monitor all of them to make sure the links are still actice. This article is ONE year old, lol… But thanks for pointing that out.

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