Bergmönch Backpack Scooter (Images courtesy Koga B.V.)

Bergmönch Backpack Scooter Makes Descents More Entertaining, Ascents More Gruelling

Bergmönch Backpack Scooter (Images courtesy Koga B.V.)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to climbing mountains, contrary to popular belief, getting back down after you’ve reached the summit can actually be more difficult than the ascent. Every step on the way down has to brake and support the entire weight of your body, which eventually takes a toll on the joints in your legs. And that’s where the inspiration for the Bergmönch (which is German for ‘Mountain Monk’) came from. It’s designed to be a collapsible scooter & backpack-in-one that can be carried hands-free up a mountain during your ascent, and ridden back down during your descent.

Now I’m going to assume this isn’t going to work on all mountains – particularly ones where climbing gear is required. But I think it’s a pretty awesome idea for hikers. Not only are you inspired to keep trekking towards the summit where you’ll enjoy an incredible view and a sense of accomplishment. But getting back down is like an exciting thrill ride! Albeit one where the price of admission is $2,150 and a few hours of hard work before you can climb aboard.

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