Ben Heck’s Portal Costume

By Chris Scott Barr

Halloween is almost upon us, which means that you should really have a costume by now. After all, no one wants to show up to a party in something they threw together an hour before they left. If you want a good costume, you’re going to have to put some effort into it. Take Ben Heck for example, this guy knows how to do it right.

The rather talented modder decided he wanted a Portal-themed costume. Since dressing up like GlaDOS or a cake just didn’t seem like the right move, he decided to put a portal on his chest. Not just a picture of a portal, but one that you could actually see through.

Using an LCD and a rear-mounted camera, he effectively creates the illusion that there is a portal (or just a hole)  through his midsection. Suddenly my steampunk costume doesn’t seem quite as cool.

[ BenHeck ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

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