Belt Buckle Card Holder

Belt Buckle Card Holder (Image courtesy  GSG Dezign)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not a big fan of wallets. More specifically those pocket-sized filing cabinets I see a lot of people carrying around. A couple pieces of plastic and a few bills is all I really need at any given time.

If you’re looking to completely liberate yourself from the wallet or anything in your pockets for that matter this belt buckle card holder is probably your best solution. While the image clearly shows it holding up to 3 cards at a time the manufacturer only recommendeds 2 for some reason, which some might find a bit limiting. However this belt buckle also looks to be a slightly more convenient place to hide money than the typical zipper-equipped ‘money belts’ which usually require the belt to be undone before you can access your cash.

The Belt Buckle Card Holder is available from GSG Dezign (the site is in Swedish) for about $45.

[Belt Buckle Card Holder] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]