Belkin’s BodyGuard Cinema iPhone Case With Built-in Kickstand

BodyGuard Cinema iPhone Case (Image courtesy Belkin)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s still listed as ‘Coming soon’ on the Belkin website so there’s no pricing info just yet, but if you’re tired of holding your iPhone during a 2-hour movie, the BodyGuard Cinema polycarbonate case features a kickstand allowing you to prop it up on any flat surface for comfortable hands-free viewing. And when it is available you’ll have your choice of a Black/Silver or Caviar/Silver finish.

[ Belkin BodyGuard Cinema ] VIA [ GadgetGrid ]

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  1. Actually, they do have a price listed on the main Accessories page: $34.99. But it's still 'coming soon', so they could always change their mind on the price.

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