Belkin Washable Mouse – Cheap, Simple And Cheetos Resistant

Belkin Washable Mouse (Images courtesy Belkin & Gearlog)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever had to replace your mouse because it keeps sticking to your hand, rather than malfunctioning, then Belkin’s got the perfect replacement for you. Their Washable Mouse sells for just $29.95, and thanks to a touch sensitive scroll pad and optical sensor on the bottom it can simply be rinsed or washed underwater when it starts looking a bit gross.

Of course the folks over at Gearlog felt that being just water resistant was not all that impressive. So they went the extra mile to see what other foodstuffs the mouse could survive. Believe it or not, even while submerged in oatmeal, chili, chocolate pudding and a bowl of Cheetos the mouse continued to function. And keep in mind that the mouse wasn’t dunked, cleaned off and then tested. No, they were actually able to continue using it even while it was submerged, and the only real problem was a bit of wonkiness from the optical sensor, which is easily forgivable.

[ Belkin Washable Mouse ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

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