Belkin Powerstrip Lets You Recharge USB Gadgets

Belkin USB Powerstrip

By Luke Anderson

Belkin is well-known for their vast selection of PC peripherals and surge protectors. While they’ve made many surge protectors and power strips, they are still finding ways to improve upon the design. Usually I don’t find these types of gadgets to be all that interesting, however, this new one from Belkin has a pair of USB ports which is definitely noteworthy.

There are some things like my iPod that recharge via a USB port. While I usually have my laptop with me, you don’t always want to use it for charging gadgets. This $25 gadget would be perfect for any travel bag, or even in your house.

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5 thoughts on “Belkin Powerstrip Lets You Recharge USB Gadgets”

  1. I wish they would have put them on the side so it would be useful. From the look of the pic I would say you will have to block both of the outlet on a normal wall outlet or your usb cables and power cable in the top wall outlet will have to somehow exist in the same space.

  2. Actually, gylu Belkin’s web site says that the device features “360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking positions” which would solve the issue of it blocking the other outlet on your wall socket and possibly the other outlets on many other devices (like a power strip). Nice touch on Belkin’s part.

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