Belkin Announces new iPhone TuneBase Accessories


By Shane McGlaun

I have a problem finding a place to sit my iPhone in my car. If I leave it in my pocket, I have a hard time hearing it ring when the stereo is up and road noise is a factor. If I set it in the seat, it ends up sliding all around the seat and ends up on the floor.

Belkin has announced a new accessory that can fix the problem of where to put the iPhone in your car and allows you to enjoy the music from your iPod in the car at the same time. The accessories are called the TuneBase Direct and the TuneBase FM.

The two devices are similar and can hold your iPhone horizontally or vertically. The TuneBase FM has an integrated FM transmitter for cars that lack an auxiliary input for MP3 players. The TuneBase Direct has a 3.5mm cable that is designed to connect to the auxiliary input jack on the car radio directly. The TuneBase FM will launch in mid-July for $89.99 and the TuneBase Direct will launch in early June for $69.99. Both devices also allow hands free calls and mute the music when calls come in.

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