Behringer’s iNuke Boom Docking Station Looks Delicate

By David Ponce

So that tiny speck in the middle of that table is an iPhone. It’s being docked to the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom, as much an object of fascination as one of complete insanity. This is how insane: it measures 4ft by 8ft, it’s speakers output 10,000W, it weighs 700lbs (!) and costs $30,000. Why does this exist? Well… we’re not quite following Behringer’s logic on this one:

BEHRINGER, award-winning innovator of affordable professional audio and music equipment, is excited to announce the launch of the Eurosound consumer electronics brand — concert quality sound at an amazing value. To celebrate the launch, BEHRINGER will unveil the iNuke Boom, the loudest iPod® and iPhone® dock you’ve ever heard at CES 2012. (our emphasis)

So to celebrate the launch of a value brand, they’ve unveiling this behemoth? Right. Makes perfect sense.

[ Annoucement ] VIA [ Uncrate ]