Behold The Thumbthing

By David Ponce

Some of us read books.

If you’ve experienced that pleasure, you’ve also undoubtedly had to deal with one of the inevitable banes of book readin’: holding the book open. Different people have different techniques. There are the Book Folders, who show a total disregard for the book’s well-being and fold it backwards, like a magazine. Then, there are the Double-Hand-Holders. While it preserves the book in a pristine state, it severely cripples your ability to snack while reading.

Finally, there are the Thumb-Wedgers. It is for this final category of sensible readers that The Thumbthing will show the most appeal. Made out of plastic, and available in different sizes, the Thumbthing will keep your book open while requiring less effort on your part. Also, when not using it, it can double as a bookmark.

It is currently available in a number of locations and sells for approximately $4.

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15 thoughts on “Behold The Thumbthing”

  1. Oh, god! I love IT!!!!

    It’s either I completely split the binding, or I fight with reading my books through a tiny opening so as to not demolish or crease the bind!

    Ordering 2, right now! Thanks ohgizmo!

  2. here’s what you do: index and middle finger behind the book, and then thumb, ring and pinky finger in front of the book (or any variant of this). tada! and it’s free.

  3. HOOOLLLYYY SHIIIIIIT this is the COOLEST THING EVER!! I am totally serious i love this thing, i totally want one! I wish I had though of it it’s so fucking smart. My friend LOVES to read but she always looks uncomfortable just a bit because you HAVE to hold the book all weird when you read for that long and your arms get tired. but now you can just use this thing and hold it with one hand and your other hand is free. THAT IS GENIUS!

    anyway, i also love how the responses range from one complete extreme to the other. you’ve got the intellectuals and hard core readers who realize its genius, and you’ve got the clowns who are looking to get a laugh and say Holy shit that’s gay (because really, it kindof is! but that doesn’t mean it’s fucking awesome!) hahaha good times were had by all

    oh yeah and i’m totally going to buy two of these 😀


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