Spoon Tongs (Image courtesy VAT19)

Behold The Spoon Tongs! (Will Kitchen Wonders Never Cease?)

Spoon Tongs (Image courtesy Vat19)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s taken me the entire week to recover from having my mind blown by the Chopula we brought you last Monday. And just when I thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen gadget store- BAM! The Spoon Tongs blow my mind wide open yet again. I’ll understand if you’re having a hard time wrapping your brain around what you’re seeing, but it seems some government and/or Food Network research lab has finally succeeded in merging a serving spoon with a set of tongs.

Many have said it couldn’t, and more importantly shouldn’t be done, but here we are. Measuring 12 inches in length the Spoon Tongs feature a set of silicone teeth when split apart that are heat safe up to 400°F and of course allow you to grab and flip or stir and spoon. They’re also spring-loaded with a locking mechanism for easy storage in a drawer, and will set you back a mere $10.95 from Vat19. I’d say the next step in kitchen gadget evolution would be a combination of the Spoon Tongs and the Chopula, but I feel the world isn’t ready for that much usefulness in a single tool just yet.

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2 thoughts on “Behold The Spoon Tongs! (Will Kitchen Wonders Never Cease?)”

  1. This is an interesting device, but it appears to be a little less useful than it should. If the black portion of the utensile folded or bent 90 degrees perpendicular to the orange portion when in tong mode, it would greatly increase the surface area and gripping ability (power and capacity) of the tongs.

    Right now they function closer to crinkled chop sticks, which despite being very capable of grabbing objects, are better suited for smaller sized pieces and not as functional on the very large or heavy items that tongs are typically used to move.

    And maybe have the option of locking the spoon halves closer together while we're redesigning this untensil for functionality.

  2. I think it can be useful. But When it comes to personal pet peeve' I wouldn't want to use this on one type of meal and then transfer it onto the other. it looks good but I think it is only centered on salads being tossed and served though.

    I was having trouble thinking of how will people use this especially when it has an opening at the middle. Good thing there's a spring and lock in it.

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