Behold The iGoatse

igoatse ipod skin

By David Ponce

Yeah. I’m not gonna give you any sort of background on this, folks. Some of you, who came of purer times and cleaner pastures might want to remain that way. For those of us unfortunate enough to have witnessed the unspeakable horror of Goatse, this picture should suffice.

It’s the iGoatse. It’s an iPod skin. Comes in colors, and is available for pre-order. Might be a joke. Might not be. Fun, huh?

[The iGoatse] VIA [Waxy Links]

4 thoughts on “Behold The iGoatse”

  1. David, I used to think OhGizmo as so pure. But now I know better. Oh my tainted, tainted eyes.

    LOL That was a good find whether or not real

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