Behold The Bar Stool Racer

barstool racerBy David Ponce

Here’s a combination sure to land you in the emergency room double-quick. Behold the ridiculously priced, $1,700 Bar Stool Racer. You now don’t even have to get up off your bum to commute between your home and your local pub. Simply strap yourself into this wonderful contraption and, well, hurl yourself back and forth, fully inebriated (or not) at 30mph.The machine

is equipped with a 4.5-horsepower Subaru engine, racing wheels, slick racing tires, a racing steering wheel, and disc brakes. It can run for four hours on one gallon of gas.


Come inside for a few more “specs”.

* Newly designed and patented lower profile barstool.
* 4.5 HP Robin Subaru Engine
* Spun Aluminum Azzurro Racing Wheels
* Inflatable Tubeless Slick Racing Tires
* Powder Coated Barstool and .14 ga. Steel Chassis (Red, Yellow, Orange, Black)
* Butterfly Hand Controls
* Racing Steering Wheel
* Billet adjustable height Steering Hub
* Adjustable Steering Alignment (Camber and Toe)
* Disc Brake
* 1″ Rear Billet Axle Hubs
* Serial Number Tag for Authenticity
* 4 hours of Fun on One Gallon of gas
* Top Speed at 25-30 MPH
* Factory warranty
* Spare Parts Availability

[Bar Stool Racer] VIA [SCI FI Tech]