Behold (And Purchase!) The Official OhGizmo T-Shirt!

Behold (And Purchase!) The Official OhGizmo T-Shirt!

By David Ponce

So this. Is. It.

After how many weeks of work, of back and forth, of a design contest and its failure, of crying and moaning… we have us the official OhGizmo! T-Shirt. Props to the Splitreason team for this. This first production run is available now in Black, sizes small to double-X Large, and will retail for $18.95.

Remember, we’re giving a dollar away to charity for every T-Shirt sold, and we’re thinking we’ll send the money to UNICEF, unless you guys have a better idea.

If you want a slightly larger version of the design, hit this link.

Otherwise, hurry up already, and go get one here!

[Buy The OhGizmo! T-Shirt ]

P.S. What do y’alls think?

P.P.S And yeah, we got a little inspired by the “winning” design from the contest.

16 thoughts on “Behold (And Purchase!) The Official OhGizmo T-Shirt!”

  1. Have to say, I’d be embarrassed to tout this as my site’s T-Shirt. I’m trying to think of something good to say about it, but frankly it’s just awful. Why would you think that just because a lot of people who read the site (I assume) are what might be described as “geeks”, we somehow want to walk around looking like 9 year olds? It’s terrible…Sorry guys.

  2. it looks like a stones robot, and the droping paint in the bottom oh your logo its like a graffitti fan logo not technology geek, that’s what i think…

    ps: sorry if my english is not perfect

  3. I agree with Matthew, that thing is horrendous! You guys didn’t like any from the contest and then come up with that?

    No offense ohgizmo but I think you would have been better off having 3 designs mocked up and then taking a vote from readers on the best one (I’m sure this one would not be the choice).

  4. @ Matthew…just curious as to what u go around wearing..and what you consider…ummm.. adult attire. In this planet, 30+ year olds have words like juicy branded on their ass, and 50 year olds go around shirtless with ocean pacific cargos and hideous crocs on their feet, or are you one of those guys I like to call a suit uptight cubicle guy who goes around wearing..well..a suit. Even on sundays when he’s in church with his mom and hair parted to the side…umm..take a chill pill babe.

  5. Sorry in advance, but I agree with Mathew. It is too crazy for me, I am 34. I think the logo should be like it is on the website, changing it does not help brand recognition. Also, I think I read here once that this site is not just about electronic gadgets, but the shirt seems to imply that. I feel oh gizmo does not have a well defined image at this point. I like this site, and that is why I am giving my honest opinion.

  6. I don`t get you guys. I think it`s great. It`s easy to criticize, but it looks like no one is able to come up with anything better. Remember that contest? I, for one, will be happy to wear this.

  7. I like it a lot!
    Hey guys,this is the world we’re living actually:Robotics!
    If u don’t like it,buy flowers and stick in your pants.
    We’re buying some shirts and we think the Unicef it’s a good Charity.
    Thanks OhGizmo team.Nice job!

  8. I think the inside pic is good but think Microsoft is gonna come down hard on your ass for copy write infringement. Unless you PAID for that image of a xbox360 controller.( i doubt because that would be expensive.)

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