Beforme Stethoscope MP3 Player For Expectant Mothers

Beforme MP3 Player And Stethoscope (Images courtesy Robert Majkut Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can basically think of the Beforme as an iPod with a built-in stethoscope that would allow an expectant mother to hear and monitor both her and her child’s heartbeat. Not only does this increase the bond between mother and child-to-be, but it also allows her to listen and detect any irregularities before they become a serious problem. In fact, not only would the Beforme allow a mother to listen to the heartbeats and see them graphed on the LCD display, but special software would also provide a more accurate and medical-based analysis of the rhythms, alerting the mother to possible issues.

And while the Beforme only exists as concept renders at this point, the designer has been working with Robert Majkut Design to refine the concept to the point where they’re actually ready to create a working prototype. So one day you might actually see this device on store shelves.

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