Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat (Images courtesy Firebox)

Bed Of Nails Relaxation Mat – What Could Be More Relaxing?

Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat (Images courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

For some reason I thought the ‘bed of nails’ idea only existed as a science center demonstration, but I guess there are people who believe that lying down on a bed of pressure points can be beneficial. Now you’ll probably want to avoid using it for yoga, but if a bed of nails is what you’re after this mat is covered with 230 little circular plastic tees which each include 28 ‘nails’ for a grand total of 6,440 pressure points. The benefits of laying on this mat supposedly include improved circulation, decreased muscle tension, improved digestion, increased endorphins and eligibility for circus side-show work. It’s available in pink or green for ~$61 and there’s even an optional pillow for an extra ~$31.

[ Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

3 thoughts on “Bed Of Nails Relaxation Mat – What Could Be More Relaxing?”

  1. Ive tried this. It actually works. The body weight is spread out over all the nails so its not painful but its enough 'pain' to trick the body into releasing endorphins. You feel rejuvenated like after a massage.

  2. Where is the guy with the sledge hammer that's going to break a cinder block on your chest? Also, this mat is rather short and you would need two or three if you wanted enough spikes to cover your entire body.

    I wonder what the long term effects of all of those endorphines rushing out of your brain will be. Will the users start to suffer from depression, anxiety, and melancholy when they don't get their daily pin prick? Will it turn into an ever increasing addiction leading to cutting, smoking, and alcoholism? Only one way to find out I suppose.

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