Because Flowers are Overrated: Plush Unicorn Bouquet

Because Flowers are Overrated: Plush Unicorn Bouquet

Plush Unicorn Bouquet

You’re either a cat lady or a unicorn lover. For the former, there’s the bouquet of plush kittens. For the latter, there’s this plush unicorn bouquet. It’s a lot like the plush kitten bouquet, only instead of kittens, you get unicorns. It makes sense for kittens to come in nines (like they do in the kitten bouquet), with them having nine lives and all.

But unicorns live far longer than that, so you get not nine but a total of eleven unicorns in white, purple, and cyan. Did that make sense? Probably not, but the important thing is that you get more unicorns for your buck.

Plush Unicorn Bouquet1


The Plush Unicorn Bouquet ships in a box and comes in beautiful wrapping. Roses die, carnations wilt, but plush unicorns will live forever. Each bouquet is priced at $50.

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