BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor

BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor (Image courtesy Amazon.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

I imagine that bringing home a newborn baby gives you plenty of things to worry about, but you might find a little of peace of mind with a device like the Angelcare Movement Sensor constantly monitoring your child while they’re in their crib. It uses a sensor pad that is placed under the middle of the baby’s mattress that connects to a nearby transmitter. The pad and transmitter then continuously monitor the baby’s movements and sounds and provide varying degrees of audio and visual feedback via a remote sensor designed to be carried by the parents at all times.

With the Sound & Movement function, you can hear your baby’s sounds, see sound lights, and hear a “tic” sound with every movement the baby makes. If no movement is detected, the “tic” will stop and after 20 seconds the alarm will sound. In the Tic Off mode you will not hear the ticking sound with every movement. However, you will still hear the baby’s sounds and see sound lights, and your baby’s movement is still being detected. An alarm will still sound if absolutely no movement is detected for 20 seconds. And finally, with Sound Only, the movement sensor is disabled, but you will still be able to hear your baby’s sounds and see sound lights. In this mode, the Angelcare functions as a regular sound monitor. For many parents, just being able to hear the sighs and squeaks of the newest member of the family is reassurance enough. For those who need more input, for whatever reason, the additional sensory features of the Angelcare can be lifesaving.

The BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor is available from Amazon.com for $79.39.

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3 thoughts on “BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor”

  1. I highly recommend.
    I bought this because my wife, having our first child, was obsessed with watching the video monitor all night – thus making her very tired all the time. When I read about this on a daddy blog I figured it was worth the money if my wife could get a decent nights sleep.
    It worked! After a few nights she was able to not worry as much because we would hear the alarm if there was any issues.

    Our baby never had any problems, thank goodness, but we could tell it was working. If you forgot to turn off the monitor in 20 seconds the alarm would go off. Also, we went through adjusting the sensitivity and adding a hard surface under the bed for the sensor to rest on to make it more accurate. There were false alarms at first, but if you get those out of the way in the first couple days you can sleep better at night because of this product.

  2. We’ve gotten this monitor for both of our kids, and it works exactly as advertised. One word of caution, though; we discovered a ceiling fan turned on could cause enough movement on the mattress to trick the sensor, no matter how we had the sensitivity set. Yeah – it’s that sensitive.

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