Beautiful CG Optimus Prime

optimus cg

By David Ponce

Well here’s some quality geekfluff, my friends. If you never watched Transformers, perhaps you need to reconsider the reason you’re reading this site in the first place and maybe even your entire identity as a self-proclaimed geek. If, perhaps this is due to you being too young… well, hell, my boy, you need to get crackin’ and find out about Optimus Prime in a hurry.

For the rest of us, you may simply drool in admiration of the work of a forum user named “3dblasphemy”. Yeah, it’s Optimus Prime allright, rendered in masterful CG glory. Hell, there’s even a sweet video inside.

[CG Optimus Prime] VIA [TechEBlog]

optimus cg

6 thoughts on “Beautiful CG Optimus Prime”

  1. Very nice, very nice indeed. Now if he can only make him the original color of red, it’ll be perfect.

    I beleive there’s an actual transformers movie (not a cartoon) in the works. Some major special F/X.

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  3. Pretty sweet – but like One*Star said : it’s a shame it isnt original optimus.

    and yes there is a live action transformers movie being made – im personally not looking forward to it. theres also a thundercats live action movie comming out.

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