Beanie features built-in headphones for rocking out in the cold

Took Beanie

By Luke Anderson

Are you one of those people that must always be listening to your iPod? I’m horrible about using mine, I always think that I’ll use it, but I rarely find the need. I’m usually in my car or at my desk, both of which have an ample supply of music. However, for those that are outdoors a lot, possibly walking or jogging, you’ll love this Tooks Beanie which features a built-in headset.

The beanie looks rather normal, except for the two circles for the speakers, and the cord running down the back. I probably wouldn’t wear this if I were just going out somewhere, but those that like to exercise in the cold might get some use out of it. The Took Beanie comes in six different colors and will set you back $25.

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1 thought on “Beanie features built-in headphones for rocking out in the cold”

  1. Yeah, those speaker circles made it look dumb at first, but then I realized that it’s just sort of a cutaway picture. Look at the picture of the guy wearing one, and the other picture showing all the colors. None of those have the circles. I hate most headphones, and I wear my beanie hat all the time. I might have to pick one of these up. Hell, that cord might even persuade me to not wear my hat indoors as much.

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