Beam Brush Now Available

Almost a year ago we reported on the Beam Brush and informed you that it would be available within a month. Well, that month turned into a year, but it’s finally here. The brush, if you’ll recall, contains an accelerometer and keeps track of a bunch of tooth-brushing metrics, such as the number of strokes, the amount of time spent brushing, and even which quadrant of your mouth you’re paying attention to (to ensure even coverage). In an age where ubiquitous tech is enabling an increasing number of hand-holding lifestyle products, it’s not entirely surprising to see a toothbrush that helps you brush (remember the HAPIFork from a week ago?). This one even goes as far as connecting to your smartphone so you can keep track of just how well you’ve been keeping your pearly whites white.

It’s nice to see that price hasn’t changed since it was announced, so you can expect to pay $50 for the brush itself, and possibly $3 for each replaceable head.

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