Be Nice To Baby Seals (Or Else)

By Evan Ackerman

Seal Tazer 2Aww, cute! It’s a little charm in the shape of a pink baby seal! Unbeknownst to strangers, however, a secret lies inside of this seal’s plastic butt: it’s a tazer. Flip open the tail and press the button, and your little friend will unleash the wrath of Zeus. It supposedly delivers a 195 volt 0.3 milliamp charge, but based on Ohm’s law and assuming dry skin contact, I’m guessing that they actually mean about 0.03 amps, which is enough to cause significant pain and muscle contractions but not actually injure or kill. But who needs raw shocking power anyway? The design of this little gadget absolutely screams “try and touch my ass again and me and my pink plastic seal tazer will turn you into a dancing monkey skeleton!” Don’t believe me? Check out the action shot:

Seal Tazer

It only seems to be $14, but good luck ordering one off of the webpage, which includes [Google translated] phrases like “this product is something which was made in one for self defense. As for amusement use absolutely cripes it turns the occasion where is.” [Update: because I actually want one of these, I did some digging and found an English preorder page here]

[ StrapYa (In Japanese) ] VIA [ Shiny Shiny ]

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