BCKsolar – Solar Cooker Thermos

BCKsolar Thermos (Images courtesy Treehugger)By Andrew Liszewski

Like a lot of other really slick inventions these days the BCKsolar thermos came as a result of an invention competition, this time in Argentina. Designed by Javier Bertani, Vera Kade and Ezequiel Castro the thermos has an outer insulated wrapper that can be removed and unfolded to create a solar cooker for the container capable of heating water to 90 degrees celsius which should be enough to cook things like rice, pasta and soups. When the wrapper is around the thermos the black color will continue to absorb and transfer heat from the sun and also serve as an effective insulator keeping the food inside warm.

The downside? Well there’s a reason hardly anyone uses solar ovens, just take a look at some of the suggested cooking times from the BCKsolar website. Heating water takes about 40 minutes, cooking eggs takes about 60 minutes and plain old vegetables need about 120 to 180 minutes to cook. While I can see this being a useful product in certain situations fast food is not one of them.

At the moment the BCKsolar thermos is only a prototype but the designers are very interested in putting it into production.

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