BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill Lets Your Enjoy The Summer Right On Your Balcony


Living in a small apartment with a tiny balcony has a way of giving you perspective on how much space is “enough” space. But aside fro being a lesson in spatial frugality, it can also be a frustrating stumbling block on one of the summer’s greatest pleasures: BBQing. If that balcony of yours simply doesn’t fit a regular sized grill, along with a couple chairs and a tiny table, then perhaps you should consider the BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill. Taking up no more space than a regular plant pot, the charcoal powered grill gives you just enough space to flip a couple of burgers. That’s more than enough, and at 59€ (roughly $77), should be every living-in-a-box-of-sardines’ urban dweller next purchase.

You should, of course, make sure you’re actually allowed to use this on your balcony first.

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