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Battery Brain - Never Need a Jump Start Again

Battery Brain (Image courtesy Battery Brain website)By Andrew Liszewski

With more and more electronics being packed into vehicles these days there's a greater risk of accidentally leaving something on and draining your battery. Then when you really need the power for something useful like starting the car, you're out of luck and are basically at the mercy of strangers.

The Brain Battery is a simple looking device that is connected to the positive terminal of your vehicle's battery. It continually measures the voltage in the battery and if it drops below the level necessary to start the vehicle for a prolonged period the Brain Battery will disconnect the battery from the vehicle's electrical system. The battery will then typically recover or at least will retain enough charge to properly start the engine.

The Type I Brain Battery has a reset button on the unit itself that needs to be pressed if an electrical cut-off has been triggered and retails for $39.95 for a 12V version and $49.95 for a 24V version on the Brain Battery website. Type II and above models include a wireless remote for resetting the unit and retail from $49.95 up to $69.95 for an RV-compatible model.

[Battery Brain] VIA [Tech Digest]

3 comments on “Battery Brain - Never Need a Jump Start Again”

  1. Battery Brain, For Your Ride...

    The battery brain is a very simple device and can likely save you from having to whore yourself out for a jumpstart somewhere in the ghetto. You know, because cars only refuse to start that one time a year that......

  2. BAD idea, most modern cars have an anti-theft device that has to be reset if the battery is disconnected from the car, for any moderate amount of time. You literally would have to have to have the car towed to the shop to have the onboard computer reset

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