Batribike Micro Compact Folding Electric Bike (Images courtesy Batribike)

Batribike Micro Compact Folding Electric Bike

Batribike Micro Compact Folding Electric Bike (Images courtesy Batribike)
By Andrew Liszewski

Listen YikeBike, it’s not that we don’t want to like you. You’ve clearly got a stylish design and are definitely a fresh take on urban commuting. It’s just that… well… we think riding with our hands behind our backs just looks stupid. Maybe we’re just not being open to new things, we can admit that, but given the choice we’d much prefer to tool around our urban hoods on this slightly more conservative looking Batribike Micro.

Like the YikeBike it features a 14.4V lithium battery which powers a 120 watt high-torque electric motor, propelling a rider up to 12mph. But when the battery dies you can still use it as a regular old manually powered bicycle. In ‘pedal assist’ mode it has a range of 12-15 miles, though the website lists the ‘motor only’ range as being ‘Not Tested’ which quite frankly is a little suspicious. I mean that’s the one fact potential buyers are going to care about right? The Batribike Micro weighs in at just 21lbs and collapses down into an included bag making it easy to toss in the trunk of your car or single-prop plane, and will set you back ~$970. (£599)

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