Batmax: Battery Life Extender

Now why does that make me feel very skeptical? Why does this have a “Eat More, Weigh Less!” feel to it? Or “Wear This Bracelet and Win Marathons!!”? Or something. Well I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the big bowl of cynicism I had last night.Battery Extender Sticker

Whatever the case, this little thing claims to extend the life of your battery (of just about any electronic device apparently) by just sticking it on. Or, as their product page puts it, it:

    Extends the battery life.
    Reduces the charging time.
    Prolongs the battery life span.
    Rejuvenates the current batteries.
    Eliminates the “memory” effect.
    Protects the battery

See, see? Rejuvenates! It’s like a rejuvenation cream, but for your battery!

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