BassJump Subwoofer Complements Your MacBook’s Built-in Speakers

BassJump (Image courtesy Twelve South)
By Andrew Liszewski

The built-in speakers on the Apple MacBooks aren’t that bad, though like with most laptops, they don’t reproduce the mid to low frequencies as well as a home stereo would. So the BassJump is essentially a portable subwoofer specifically designed for the MacBook that complements its built-in speakers with a bit of extra bass. It connects to the laptop with a single USB cable which is also used for power, and it includes its own software which blends the sound coming from the MacBook’s speakers with the bass coming from the subwoofer to produce an overall fuller, richer sound. $79.99 from Twelve South.

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4 thoughts on “BassJump Subwoofer Complements Your MacBook’s Built-in Speakers”

  1. I compliment my speakers every day so no need to spend 80 bucks. Excuse me a second. Speakers, you look marvelous today. You are the kings of sound. If I could have nothing else I'd…….

    See what I did there?

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