Barcodas iOS App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)

Barcodas App Turns Your Pantry Into A Symphony

Barcodas iOS App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

Barcodas iOS App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)If you’re looking to do a price comparison between brick & mortar and online stores there’s a plethora of barcode scanning apps available for iOS that can help you there. But if you’re looking for a way to turn regular old barcodes into beautiful music, and I’m just going to assume the vast majority of you are, then your quest ends with a simple app called Barcodas. You’ll need a camera-equipped idevice for reading the barcodes, but once they’re ‘scanned’ in you’ll be able to hear them played back in whatever harmonic scale is most pleasing to your ears.

The results are surprisingly listenable, at least the samples they’ve chosen for the video I’ve included below are, and multiple barcodes can even be strung together to create a lengthy concerto. At the least it’s a $0.99 investment which should make your next trip to the grocery store endlessly entertaining.

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