Bang & Olufsen’s BeoTime, An Alarm Clock For The Wealthier Than You


By David Ponce

Bang & Olufsen are better known for their impossibly expensive and allegedly superior speakers. Who knew then that they’d dabble in something so mundane as alarm clocks. Of course, they wouldn’t be living up to their name if they’d done any old alarm clock. In the BeoTime, you’ll find a “built-in motion sensor and subtle automatic backlighting.” Motion sensor? It’s not what you’re thinking, it’s more like the iPhone’s, to properly align the LCD display.

Of course, we asked ourselves just why it looks like this… And sure enough B&O’s site had a handy answer:

Inspired by the conflict between night and day in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, BeoTime is visually unlike any alarm clock you have ever seen. And yet every innovation is grounded in clever functionality. The horizontal line and square panels relax the eye to suit a bedroom setting, whether you place BeoTime on a side table or hang it on the supplied magnetic wall fixture. The tube shape is easy to hold when setting wake-up or shut-down times or using BeoTime for basic remote functionality.

Right… We’re thinking this sounds just like the kind of talk that always manages to separate certain folk from ridiculous amounts on money… in this particular case €311. Given B&O’s relative success in the market place we can only conclude that the world is full of people with more money than sense.

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