Bang & Olufsen Stethoscope

Bang & Olufsen Stethoscope (Image courtesy Medicom)By Andrew Liszewski

Bang & Olufsen apparently has a subsidiary called Medicom solely devoted to designing and developing products for the medical industry. One of Medicom’s innovations that has already made it to the market is the E3000 Stethoscope which is currently sold under the 3M/Littmann brand.

The E3000 uses proprietary Ambient Noise Reduction technology to cancel out roughly 75% of unwanted noises in the room. However that’s usually not enough since these noises can also travel through the patient’s body. The ANR on the E3000 listens to both the ambient noise in the room as well as in the body and cancels the two out leaving just the important sounds from the heart, lung and other vital organs for the doctor to hear.

[Bang & Olufsen E3000 Stethoscope] VIA [Medgadget]

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