Bang And Olufsen’s BeoCom 2 Expensive Limited Edition Handsets

bang and olufsen BeoCom 2By David Ponce

If I was able to get over the mildly phallic appearance of the handset, I could totally dig owning one of Bang And Olufsen’s new BeoCom 2 Cordless Telephones. Never mind that one of these limited edition pieces of art will set you back between $1000 and $1450: they’re made by Bang and Olufsen! (please sense sarcasm)

Only 600 of these will be made worldwide and half will have patterns etched by hand directly onto the surface by Danish designer, Bess Kristoffersen. As you can imagine, the “cheap” ones will be the etch-less ones. And, apparently, B&O will donate 10% of the proceeds to VH1’s Save The Music program, which is very cool.

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