Ball Claws Storage Device

Ball Claws (Image courtesy What On Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

I know the stereotype says most people reading gadget blogs aren’t even capable of catching a ball, let along having a few around the house but believe it or not some us do play the occasional sports. (And I don’t mean via a game controller either.)

To keep items like soccer or basketballs from ending up under the car as you back out of the garage you might want to mount a couple of these on the wall. The Ball Claws come in three sizes specifically designed for holding footballs, soccer or volleyballs and basketballs and basically provide an easy place to store them where they won’t be lost and more importantly won’t roll all over the place.

The Ball Claws are available from What On Earth for $16.95 and are the same price for each size.

[ Ball Claws @ What On Earth ]