Bakoda Flask Pack Is Always In Reach

Bakoda Flask Pack (Image courtesy BoardParadise)By Andrew Liszewski

What goes better with a day spent careening down the side of a mountain at high speeds than alcohol? For those times when your ski jacket just isn’t keeping you warm enough there’s the Bakoda Flask pack which includes a stainless steel 4oz. flask and a special carrying case which securely attaches to the high back of your boot bindings.

Made of 200 denier triple ripstop fabric with a waterproof CPR coating, the flask pack is designed to stay securely attached to your bindings while being able to withstand the elements and of course the occasional wipeout.

It’s currently available from for $24.95, but ‘refreshments’ are not included.

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1 thought on “Bakoda Flask Pack Is Always In Reach”

  1. This must be one of the most dangerous innovations that I have ever seen! Just apply some the knowledge that you got if you stayed awake during the physics lessons at school. Ask yourself; at what temperature does alcohol freeze? If you decide to take a swig from this after an afternoon on the slopes, what do you swallow? You will ingest several cc’s of sub-zero liquid. This is BAAD news for your innards; you will get severe frostbite IN YOUR THROAT and IN YOUR STOMACH! This product will be loved by American Lawyers.

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