Bake, Eat, Repeat: Bakeable Kit Kats

Baked Kit Kat


Have a break, have a Kit Kat! But if your break is longer than the average, then why settle for a regular Kit Kat when you can have a baked one? This latest offering is only available at Japan’s Kit KatĀ Chocolaterie and is dubbed as “Delicious When Baked Pudding Flavored Kit Kats.” They’re essentially mini-sized, pudding-flavored Kit Kats that you’re supposed to pop into the oven before eating.

When heated in a toaster, the sugar content in the chocolate hardens into a solid candy-like state faster than the chocolate on the surface melts, resulting inĀ a chocolate and wafer biscuit combination with a texture resembling a cookie and a sweet caramelized smell.

Baked Kit Kat1

The good news is that you can make your own at home or at your workplace or wherever there’s a toaster. Kotaku offers up a quick how-to using regular Kit Kats, but you have to be careful during the heating process–otherwise you might end up with Kit Kats on fire.

VIA [ Food Beast ]