Bad Luck-Proof Mirror

Unbreakable Mirror (Image courtesy Yanko Design)By Andrew Liszewski

No amount of bending, dropping or throwing will cause this mirror to shatter or even crack. Why you say? Is it made from some revolutionary new material created by Nasa strictly for the astronauts to safely use while in orbit? Unfortunately it’s a lot simpler than that.

Instead of being made of glass this credit card-sized mirror created by Dutch designer Eva Abinger is actually made of stainless steel that has been polished into a perfectly reflective surface. Even the most careless of users won’t be able to bring the wrath of seven years of bad luck on themselves.

Vanity has its price though as this stainless steel mirror retails for about $30 from Yanko Design. (BTW I’ve had aluminum polished to a mirror finish before and I know the process is a bit labor intensive which of course means it’s not cheap.)

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