Bacon Wallet

Bacon Wallet (Images courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

Those duct-tape wallets you see all over the place have one major fault, they’re not made from one of the most delicious meats on the planet. Ok, so while this wallet does have the authentic look of bacon it’s actually only made from simulated bacon which will probably help keep your cash and credit cards grease-free. Unless of course you also carry real bacon in your wallet.

The Bacon Wallet is currently available from Perpetual Kid for $8.99.

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6 thoughts on “Bacon Wallet”

  1. Me no likey Raw Meat & Fat… No Bacon for my Wallet unless well cooked…

    Hmmm, Then it would be to brittle and prolly break when I had to pay the bill for that lame breakfast of BACON & EGGS…

    Well atleast the Coffee was good and the Toast…

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