Bacon Lube?  Yeah… Bacon Lube

Bacon Lube? Yeah… Bacon Lube

By David Ponce

Bacon is a recurring theme around these parts: you got bacon lip balm, tactical canned bacon, bacon jam, bacon muffins… and now… now perhaps the strangest of them all, Bacon Lube, “the world’s first bacon-flavored personal lubricant and massage oil.” It’s water based and it is exactly what you think it is. A joke? Not so much.

Before you start giving meat-flavored massages, we have one small admission to make – baconlube began as an elaborate April Fool’s prank and was never intended to be a real product. But when the joke ended, the emails kept coming. People harassed us via email, in public and in highly inappropriate ways (thanks for that). The waiting list grew to over 3,000 people. Expectations were built.

So who’s responsible for this highly anticipated creation actually coming to life? You are, that’s who.

Yeah so, go get horizontal bacon style, my friends. It’s $12 a bottle.

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