BackTrack Ensures You Won’t Forget The Greatest Song In The World

By Luke Anderson

I come from a family of musicians. Both my dad and brother are excellent guitar players and have been recording their own music for some time. I can’t tell you how many times one of them would remark on a particularly excellent piece of music they came up with, only to forget it. This excellent little gadget would be a great way to make sure you never forgot the music you created during a late night jam session.

The BackTrack is a simple recorder for your guitar. Just plug in your quarter-inch cord and go about your rocking. The device is always on, but only starts recording when a signal is detected. If you lay down a really great piece that you want to remember for later, just hit the “Mark” button so you know exactly where to look when you download it.

The audio is recorded as 24-bit, 48KHz .WAV files. The 1GB of internal memory should be enough for around 12 hours of recording. The battery can last anywhere up to 12 hours, but will vary depending on the sample rate and bit depth you choose to record at. You’ll both download your audio files and charge it via USB. Line 6 also makes a “+ Mic” version which features a  mic and double the storage capacity.

Depending on how the audio turns out, this could be a very useful tool for a musician working on new material. The basic BackTrack will run you $140, while the + Mic version will set you back $210.

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