Backblaze Shows You How To Build A 67 Terabyte Storage Pod


By David Ponce

Backblaze is an online data storage solution. For $5 a month per computer, you get unlimited storage. But no one really cares about that, since there’s a lot of competition in this field. The reason we’re writing about them is that they’ve decided to show us how to build the basic unit of their storage solution: a custom-built, 45-drive, double-PSU, Linux-powered, 67-Terabyte, 4-U, rack mounted, storage pod. This particular storage unit can be built for a mere $7,867. We actually wish we were being sarcastic about that figure, but as it is, it’s really freaking cheap. The diagram below shows you how much a Petabyte of storage (or about 15 of these storage pods) would cost under several competing cloud storage services.


The reason they’re making this information available

is that by sharing, others can benefit and, ultimately, refine this concept and send improvements back to us. Evolving and lowering costs is critical to our continuing success at Backblaze.

Hit the link below to find out all the details on how to build your very own $7,800, 67-Terabyte storage solution.

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