Baby Mop: Put That Baby To Some Use

Oh, babies. They are… completely not something we’re thinking of having anytime soon. Cute as they are, they’re just gluttons for attention. We think they should give something back, and more than just the warm and fuzzies, or contributing to the survival of the species, or passing on your genes: they should work for all the things we give them. So that’s why we’re digging the Baby Mop. Featuring ultra absorbing cleaning pads on the areas that babies usually crawl around on, they’ll buff your hardwood floor to a shine without even realizing it. Later in life, you can inform them that they were hardworking little-people even before they knew what they were doing.

It’s $40 and as you can imagine, stock is running low on this. Hit the jump for a few more pictures of a baby definitely digging not knowing what the heck he’s doing.

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