Axon SleepSmart wakes you up perky

This is not a pretty gadget. But it doesn’t matter. It’s the gadget I’ve been waiting for all of my life. And when it finally goes on sale (because it isn’t just yet), I will be the first in line.

See, when you sleep, you go through cycles. Light sleep, then deeper and deeper, then lighter again… and so on for the entire night. So, I’m sure you’ve noticed, sometimes you wake up, and you’re full of energy. Other times, even if you’ve slept a lot, you feel half dead. Well, the only reason you do, is because you awoke at the wrong moment: in a deep phase of the sleep cycle. If you had awoken a few minuets later, or even earlier, you would have been so much better off.

Well, the SleepSmart system takes care of that. It’s

an intelligent alarm clock that monitors your sleep cycles as you sleep, waking you at the ideal moment from the optimal stage of sleep. This optimal moment might be several minutes prior to your set alarm time. However, when you wake up, you will be refreshed and ready for action — just as if you had awoken naturally.

Groovy stuff people, I’m telling you. I have sometimes slept for 5 hours, woken up right and felt way better for the rest of the day than times I’ve slept for 10 hours and woken up wrong.

Check out the website.


Update: Okay, so I’m out of the loop. Chris Cardinal from points out that Gizmodo has already done a piece on something like this. Better yet, it actually works!! It’s 150$, and apparently worth every penny. Check out his links in the comments section. Thanks Chris.

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