Awesomely Confusing Oblique Clock

Oblique Clock (Image courtesy Science&Sons)
By Andrew Liszewski

As much a kinetic sculpture as it is a timepiece, the Oblique Clock reinterprets the hands of a traditional analog clock, adding extra geometry and structure that results in a constantly changing design as it ticks away the minutes throughout the day. And to make it as mysterious looking as possible, the custom engineered mechanical elements that drive the clock are hidden behind a rather large frame, leaving no question that this is first and foremost an art piece.

Oblique Clock (Image courtesy Science&Sons)

Here’s a few examples of how you actually read the time using the clock, and from what I can tell you mostly want to pay attention to the darker brown hands since the lighter colored pieces will just confuse you. To fully appreciate the clock’s movements, I highly recommend taking a few seconds to watch the video below where you can see it in motion.

And there’s good news for those of you who feel you must have one of these for your home or office. The Oblique Clock is being produced in a very limited run of just 20 pieces, and one of them can be yours for just $3,900 CAD.

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